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We constantly sell from and add new cultivars to this list throughout the season, so the list is not always current. Please contact us with specific questions, or just stop by! Sorry, we are a retail nursery in Southwest Wisconsin, and do not mail order!

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Latin Name Common Name Description Image
New! Acer ginnala 'Embers'       
Acer griseum  Paperbark Maple  Absolutely striking copper, exfoliating bark. A small tree for protected places in zone 4. Grows 25'. 
New! Acer japonica 'Aconitifolium'  Full Moon Maple  A tender Japanese Maple that is just beautiful!   
Acer palmatum 'Emperor I'  Japanese Maple  This is the Japanese Maple that we can enthusiastically endorse as hardy for us - but only if you live in town! There are several specimens thriving in Viroqua - in the country, be prepared to wrap it up like a burrito.   
Acer pensylvanicum  Striped Maple  Also known as Moosewood, or Snakebark Maple. This is a small, understory tree with wonderful gray-green bark with white striations. Bold, lobed foliage turns buttery yellow in the fall. Grows slowly, and eventually gets about 20'.   
Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'  Princeton Gold Maple  A beautiful maple with bright golden yellow foliage - looks incredible against a clear blue sky. 
Acer platanoides 'Royal Red'  Royal Red Maple  Dark red foliage all season. Slow growing. Usually not much change for fall color. 
Acer platanoides 'Variegatum'  Variegated Norway Maple     
Acer pseudosieboldianum  Korean Maple  This is a rare, small tree with brilliant red, yellow and orange autumn colours. Has done well at the MN Landscape Arboretum. Plant in a protected spot in zone4. Grows 15-20'. 
Acer rubrum 'Autumn Spire'  Autumn Spire Maple  A columnar form of the red maple. Plumpred buds all winter, showy red flowers in spring before leaves open, and consistently red fall color. 
Acer rubrum 'Burgundy Belle'  Burgundy Belle Maple     
Acer rubrum 'Northwood'  Northwood Maple   
Acer saccharum  Sugar Maple  The largest and finest of our native maples. Wonderful shade tree. Very hardy. This is the one for maple syrup. Fall color is golden yellow to red - variable because it's seed grown. 
Acer saccharum 'Apollo'  Columnar Sugar Maple     
Acer saccharum 'Fall Fiesta'  Sugar Maple  A cultivar selected for its consistant rich orange color. 
New! Acer saccharum 'Unity'  Sugar Maple     
Acer triflorum  Three Flower Maple  A handsome small tree with 3-parted leaves and unique exfoliating bark. Very underused. 
New! Acer truncatum 'Pacific Sunset'       
Acer x freemani 'Jeffersred'  Autumn Blaze Maple  A very popular cross between a silver and a red maple, so you get fast growth and bright red fall color!  
Acer x freemani 'Sienna Glen'  Sienna Glen Maple     
Aesculus carnea 'Fort McNair'  Pink Horsechestnut     
Aesculus glabra  Ohio Buckeye  Yellow-green flowers in May and orange fall color. Likes moist ground. 
Aesculus parviflora  Bottlebrush Buckeye  An exceptional landscape plant with a pleasing form that is accentuated by its attractive foliage. Is striking in bloom with flower stalks up to 12' long appearing in July, a time when few other shrubs are in bloom. Will slowly spread through suckers. 
Alnus glutinosa 'Imperialis'  Black Alder     
Alnus hirsuta 'Prairie Horizon'  Prairie Horizon Alder     
Amelanchier x gr. 'Autumn Brilliance'  Serviceberry  First to bloom in the bare woods, serviceberry is very welcome! Robins love the fruit in June. Red fall foliage. 
Betula 'Royal Frost'  Purple Birch  A dark purple birch that is more resistant to bronze birch borer that other purple birches.   
Betula jacquemontii  Himalayan Birch  The white bark on this birch looks like purecream - a softer, whiter color than 'Whitespire'. Also, a rich orange/yellowin the spring. 
Betula nigra 'Cully'  Heritage Birch  Very tolerant tree - exfoliating bark that shows off cinnamony-beige patches. Usually grown in clumps. Borer resistant. 
Betula nigra 'Fox Valley'  Dwarf Birch     
New! Betula nigra 'Summer Cascade'  River Birch     
New! Betula papyrifera 'Prairie Dream'  Paper Birch     
Betula papyrifera 'Renaissance Reflection'  Paper Birch  A selection of paper birch that is resistant to the bronze birch borer. The best borer-resistant white-barked birch.  
New! Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica'  Weeping Birch     
Betula pendula 'Youngii'  Weeping Birch  A white barked birch that does not peel.Borer resistant. 
Betula populifolia 'Whitespire'  Whitespire Birch  A white barked birch that does not peel.Borer resistant. 
Caragana arborescens 'Pendula'  Weeping Peashrub  Pea-leafed weeper. Blooms yellow. 
Caragana arborescens 'Walker'  Walker Weeping Caragana  Fern-leafed weeper. Blooms yellow. 
Carpinus caroliniana  Blue Beech  Smooth gray muscle-like bark. Although fall color is variable between plants, it can be a dazzling combination of reds, pinks, and oranges. Grows 25-30'. 
New! Castanea mollissima  Chinese Chestnut     
Catalpa speciosa  Bean Tree  A fast growing tree with ascending branchesthat are gnarled and twisted. One of the few large flowering trees to bloomin late June. 'Cigar' fruits form in late summer. Thr orchid-like bloomsand large lime-green foliage look almost tropical. 
Celtis occidentalis  Common Hackberry  A durable, native tree with interesting textured bark. Grows 50-60'. 
Cercidiphyllum japonicum  Katsura Tree  A lovely tree with tiny red flowers before the leavesin spring. The new foliage is an elegant purple-red turning greenin summer and a delightful apricot-orange in fall. Decaying leavesin fall emit a pleasant brown sugar-like odor.  
New! Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Morioka'  Weeping Katsura Tree     
Cercis canadensis, MN Strain  Minnesota Strain Redbud  Has bright purple-pink flowers before the leaves in early May. Does well in the shade where most flowering trees don't thrive. 
Chionanthus virginicus  Fringetree  Delicate white flowers in May followed by blue fruit in late summer. Likes some shade. Grows 10-15'. 
Cladrastis kentuckea  Yellowwood  A handsome medium sized tree with fragrant white flowers in June followed by small brown fruit pods in fall and winter. 
Cladrastis kentuckea 'Arnold's Pink'  Yellowwood     
Cornus alternifolia  Pagoda Dogwood  Multi-season plant with clustered, tiny white flowers appearing in May. In summer, the blue-black fruit on red pedicles held above the layered foliage is an impressive sight. Early purple fall color. 
Cornus mas  Cornelian Cherry  Small tree with peely bark and yellow flowers very early in the spring. Grows 15' 
Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'  Golden Glory Dogwood  Small yellow flowers in early spring and red cherry sized fruit in summer. Grows 15' 
Crataegus crusgalli inermis 'Cruzam'  Crusader Hawthorn  White flowers in May and red fruit persisting into fall. The glossy foliage turns a maroon in fall and is resistant to cedar-hawthorn rust. The branches are arranged in a pleasing layered habit. 
Crataegus laevigata 'Superba'  Crimson Cloud Hawthorn   
Euonymus alatus 'Tree Form'  Burning Bush Tree  This burning bush is trained into a treeform. Winged, corky bark and yellow flowers. Grows 10'. 
Fagus sylvatica 'Rohanii'  European Beech     
Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'  Maidenhair Tree  This is a male selection - the females' fruits are strong smelling. Wouldn't it be funny if the memory medicine so popular today ended up being only in the female trees? Very pretty in the fall. 
Ginkgo biloba 'Jade Butterfly'  Dwarf Ginkgo     
Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry'  Columnar Ginkgo     
Gleditsia triacanthos 'Impcole'  Imperial Honeylocust  A more compact and symmetrical honeylocust.   
New! Gleditsia triacanthos 'Northern Acclaim'  Honeylocust     
Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole'  Skyline Honeylocust  A seedless cultivar with a strong centralleader and good branching structure. Bright golden-yellowfall color. 
Gleditsia triacanthos 'Suncole'  Sunburst Honeylocust  Seedless and bright yellow leaves in thespring. Color deepens to light green but the new growth staysyellow. Irregular growth pattern. 
Gymnocladus dioicus  Kentucky Coffee Tree  A lovely tree with doubly-compound leaves which give a lacy appearance in summer. Bold branching and flaky bark make for a picturesque winter silhouette. Late to leaf out. Grows 60'. 
Hydrangea pan. 'Pink Diamond'  Pink Diamond Hydrangea Tree  These hydrangeas have a pinkish tint early on, turning richer as the days shorten   
Hydrangea pan. 'Tardiva'  Late Panicle Hydrangea Tree  Flowers are more upright and perky. 
New! Jugland regia 'Carpathian'  Carpathian Walnut     
New! Juglans cinerea  Butternut     
New! Juglans nigra  Black Walnut     
Larix decidua 'Pendula'  Weeping Larch  Graceful ornamental - fresh green in the summer, gold in the fall. Little cones look good in the winter. Looks like an evergreen, but loses it's leaves (needles?) in the fall. Likes moist. Height depends on training. 
New! Larix decidua 'Puli'  Weeping Larch     
Larix decidua 'Varied Directions'  Contorted Larch   
Larix kaempferi  Japanese Larch  A deciduous conifer with fresh green needles and lavender female cones in spring and a lovely yellow fall color. Likes moist. Grows 75'. 
Larix laricina  American Larch  Also known as Tamarack, this open, pyramidal tree has horizontal to drooping branches. The needles are pale green, turning yellow in the autumn before falling. Intolerant of shade and pollution. Grows best in moist, well-drained, acidic soils. Excellent planted in groves in moist soil. Grows up to 80' 
Liriodendron tulipifera  Tulip Tree  A large scale tree with unusual leaves and greenish-yellow flowers in June. 
Maackia amurensis 'Summertime'  Amur Maackia     
Magnolia acuminata  Cucumber Magnolia  Yellow-green flowers in May are followedby red fruit in fall. A handsome tree of neat pyramidal outline becoming quite large with age. Grows about 70' tall! 
Magnolia acuminata x 'Butterflies  Yellow Magnolia     
Magnolia sieboldii  Oyama Magnolia     
Magnolia stellata 'Chrysanthemumiflora'  Pink Star Magnolia     
Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'  Royal Star Magnolia  Hundreds of white flowers appear before the foliage. Fuzzy white buds that swell up through the winter are fun too! Grows 12-15'. 
Magnolia virginiana 'Moonglow'  Hardy SweetBay Magnolia     
Magnolia x 'Butterflies'  Yellow Magnolia     
Magnolia x 'Gold Star'  Gold Star Magnolia     
Magnolia x 'Sunburst'  Sunburst Magnolia     
Magnolia x 'Yellow Bird'  Yellow Bird Magnolia     
Magnolia x l. 'Leonard Messel'  Leonard Messel Magnolia  The lightly fragrant flowers are marked on each petal with a purplish stripe on top and a pink cast beneath. Only gets about 18' tall. 
Magnolia x l. 'Merrill'  Merrill Magnolia  A magnolia tree with white flowers. Grows about 30' tall. 
Malus 'Adirondack'  Crab     
Malus 'Camelot'  Camelot Crab  One of the few dwarf pinks. Grows 8-10'. 
Malus 'Candymint'  Flowering Crab     
Malus 'Centennial'  Centennial Crab  One of the few dwarf pinks. Grows 8-10'.   
Malus 'Coralburst'  Coralburst Crab  Top-grafted dark pink bloomer. Very different rounded shape. Grows 8-10'. 
Malus 'Dolgo'  Dolgo Crab  Blooms early. Very ornamental. Brilliantcrimson fruits make wonderful jelly of fine flavor and color.Grows 35-40'. 
Malus 'Donald Wyman'  Donald Wyman Crab  A large-growing rounded cultivar with sizable white flowers and very persistent red fruit. Grows 20'. 
Malus 'Firebird'  Firebird crab  A very compact, slow growing variety. Itblooms in the spring with white flowers, but its greatestattribute is that it is smothered in fall with small, darkred, very ornamental fruit that is persistent from Octoberthrough March.   
New! Malus 'Indian Magic'       
New! Malus 'Morning Princess'       
Malus 'Prairiefire'  Prairiefire Crab  Bright pink flowers and leaves that are red-purple when expanding. Dark red fruit are persistent. Grows 15-20'. 
Malus 'Purple Prince'  Purple Prince Crab     
Malus 'Red Jewel'  Red Jewel Crab  A selection of weeping habit that will spread 10-15'. White flowers followed by red fruit that persist well into winter. Grows 12-15' 


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